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Do you have a pulse on your network?

Pulse helps you visualize your contacts like never before. The first ever user-friendly pocket CRM. Connect instantly, organize efficiently, and follow up forever.

relationships are your currency

The heartbeat of your network

20% is in the connection. 80% is in the follow up.

Superpowered Networking

App Reviews

Very intuitive and easy to use. This is the greatest networking and follow up tool I’ve ever seen and used.
- Kevin J.
I’ve been to many meetups and events where this Pulse app would have made it super convenient, handy, and easy to stay in contacts with friends and acquaintances. There are times where getting together with the new people I’ve met would be perfect if everyone used Pulse. Next event you plan, definitely use this! 😎👍
- Ben J.
I tend to lose track of names, business cards, where I met people, and struggle in general to keep my contacts organized. This is such a brilliant app, providing a way to keep all of someone’s info in one place. The organization through groups, tags, and location is so well thought out. One of the really useful tools on the app is a way to set follow-up reminders for who you need to follow up with...it’s a great way to connect, organize, and network.
- Jordan G.
Ever since I downloaded Pulse my sales have sky rocketed. This app keeps me so organized! Thank you to whoever created this 🙏
- Jake C.

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